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First Crush Store -A Cake Portal India Trusts For Baking Love 

Welcome to First Crush Store- where cakes and flowers serve you the truest emotions of your heart. As our name suggests, we believe a unique gift brings the innocent joy of first love to our lives. The nostalgia and memories tingle our senses like nothing else. We bake cakes, arrange flowers, make decorations and gifts-to say the least-we are your companions to gift your love and confess your feelings in the most beautiful manner. 

Every occasion and reason of celebration is special, and First Crush Store values each and every form of celebration by being QUTE! Yes, that’s what we call our motto – QUTE

Quality, Unique flavour, Timely delivery & Exotic design

What Do We Offer?

Cakes, flowers, decorations, and gifts. Yes, anything you want to make your celebrations feel special, we have it. Looking for a cake shop nearby or a flower store near me? We are always at your service. We love to bake not just cakes but your heartfelt feelings into a perfect surprise to devour with loved ones. Our flower arrangements are the embodiment of fresh wishes that fill the heart with joy and invigorating fragrance. Check out our massive collection and make your events spark the joy you always wanted!

We Say Our Cakes Are Emotions Baked with Perfection. Believe Us!

First Crush Store is a master of delicious cakes. But is it just the taste that counts? No! Cakes are a perfect canvas to serve emotions, unspoken feelings, joy, sweetness, and messages. We are the cake maker for you and your companions. First Crush Store prides itself as the online cake store that offers you a splendid collection of drool-worthy cakes and baked goodies. We do believe you don’t need an occasion to order a cake from cake shop India, but when special occasions, parties, events, birthdays, milestone anniversaries arrive, a cake cannot be missed for sure. Ordinary cakes only make your days ordinary. But, First Crush Store loves to add a spark of joy and feelings to your celebrations. 

First Crush Store is an Indian cake portal that offers you everything new with a touch of love. It reminds you of the innocent feeling of falling in love for the first time, right? We know each one of us wants our cake to be the best for the party with the taste that is tempting and looks that keep us hooked. Hence, we created specially-curated themed cakes for special occasions. The taste is drool-worthy as usual, but the cakes look so beautiful that even you would think twice before devouring such beauty. Our inspiration comes from trends and themes, and we pride ourselves on showcasing our cake beauty collection of Avenger-theme cake, Car theme cake, Gym theme cake, Paw Patrol cake, barbie theme cake, jungle theme cake, Minion theme cake, Harry Potter themed cake, Makeup theme cake, and lots more. Barely a cake shop online has so much variety for such an affordable price, and that too loaded with care, love, and emotions. 

Love Comes In All Flavors & So Do Our Cakes

Do you know what makes First Crush Store the best cake store online? It is the fact that we believe our cakes are the embodiment of all the feelings that we carry for our loved ones. And we celebrate each feeling with a new flavor. So, if you are looking for a special treat for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, baby shower, get-together, house party, milestones, housewarming parties, and much more, you have landed on the perfect page. Our shades of love find form in popular and unique flavored-cakes such as chocolate cake, black forest cake, red velvet cake, blueberry cake, butterscotch cake, white forest cake, pineapple cake, and vanilla cake. For the health enthusiasts, we have made a special category of healthy bakes to serve taste, love, and good health on a single platter. So, if you are still looking for a cake store near me, then look no more; First Crush Store is here to help you!

First Crush Store Is The Flower Shop India Loves! Why? 

We all know that a flower is the most beautiful way to express love. First Crush Store makes these flowers the perfect token of love that is fresh as ever and mesmerizing to the core. We are the best online flower store that brings to you a massive collection of roses, gerberas, orchids, carnations, and mixed flowers. Yes, blending both beauty and love, our flowers become an expression of the most innermost feelings for you and your loved ones. People are searching for a flower bouquet shop near me and keep scrolling to try and find a flower store online that serves flowers with a touch of love. Well, First Crush Store is happy to branch out our amazing collection of bouquets made carefully by skilled florists that suit the style and nature of every celebration-humble or grand. Today, when a flower shop nearby can offer you hundreds of varieties, then what makes First Crush Store’s offering so unique? We not only offer varieties but eye-catching arrangements too. Every bouquet we make is an interesting work of art and gives you a language to speak your love. Be it Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversary, housewarming party, Diwali, New Year, Rakhi, birthday, milestone celebration, office party, baby shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more; our flowers know to express your best wishes in the most beautiful manner. 

Cakes And Flowers Are Always Welcome For Any Celebration

Let’s think of a celebration; what is the first thing that comes to your mind? People dancing, music, happy faces, confetti, a delicious cake and lots of flower decorations, right? First Crush Store delivers all these wrapped in a box! Don’t believe us, look at our mind-blowing selection of cakes, flowers, decorations, and gifts. 

We believe a cake is the most exciting part of any celebration. We are the cake shop India loves to rely on for their celebrations. Our online cake store caters to provide perfectly-baked cakes in beautiful designs and shapes. All our varieties are available in eggless variants as well. We are the cake store online that makes a cake a piece of sheer for you. You don’t have to run from pillar to post to find the perfect cake with the desired shape, flavor, variant, and taste. We combine it all in our shop thanks to our ingenious team of proficient cake makers and artists. We also care to make each surprise unique for the recipient. Hence each cake offered by us gives you the freedom to incorporate messages and notes to speak to your loved ones. We are the only cake shop online that makes cakes as a canvas to paint your true feelings and love. Our cakes are customized to suit your celebrations and personalized to suit the preferences of the recipient. Searching the web for a cake shop nearby, First Crush Store is always ready to deliver you happiness. 

Do you know, just like our cakes, even our flower arrangements are a precious token that the recipient would never want to part ways with? We are the best flower shop India loves to buy carnations and bouquets from. If you are searching for a flower store near me, then come to the amazing world of premium floral beauty of our store. We make flower arrangements. It sounds like every other online flower store, right? But what makes us unique is that we make a luxurious arrangement of the freshest, handpicked flowers with the help of the most nuanced florists and deliver you not just flowers but a beautiful painting of truest emotions. People look for the most reliable flower bookey shop near me online and do not find a shop that offers them the right varieties in the most enchanting arrangements. We promise you gorgeous flowers in the form of grand bouquets. We are the flower store online that delivers only the most beautiful flowers for every occasion in the most fabulous way possible. Looking for a flower shop nearby, ring a bell to First Crush Store, and find just the perfect bouquet to say your best wishes to a special someone. 

Your Innermost Feelings & Best Wishes Are A Promise We Deliver

Cake, flowers, or even gifts. These are just an excuse to deliver you the happiness, joy, and best wishes you seek for every occasion. First Crush Store takes its promises seriously. We deliver only the best in the best way. When it comes to cakes, we offer a range of pan India delivery services, which include: 

  • Midnight cake delivery services
  • Same day cake delivery services
  • Express cake delivery services

What are these services, you may ask? Well, people do not always have the time to plan their celebrations in advance. First Crush Store pays heed to such last-minute celebrations and offers a speedy mode of delivery. Our delivery agents will reach just in time to save you the embarrassment of forgetting a gift for a special occasion. Talking of midnight cake delivery services, the beautiful cake will reach your door by midnight. Our superfast delivery does not stop here; we also offer same day cake delivery services. This mode of delivery reaches you the same day when you ordered to deliver you only the freshest cake possible. Our express cake delivery service is the fastest route to you. We make sure to deliver it at a speed that you don’t have to miss your celebrations. 

Cakes tend to become squishy if they are not delivered in time. First Crush Store believes in offering you only the best and nothing else. Hence, our cake delivery speed is the best in the market. You are free to choose the preferred mode of delivery at your convenience!

Our other biggest offerings include flowers and bouquets. We promise to deliver you only fresh flowers in record time. Nobody likes to give someone wilted carnations. Hence we offer three amazing modes and speed of delivery:  

  • midnight flower delivery services
  • same-day flower delivery services
  • express flower delivery services

Our midnight flower delivery services, same-day flower delivery services, and express flower delivery services follow the same speed as we mentioned for our cakes. It ensures that flowers are not damaged and wilted when they reach your doorstep. People love to mark their presence with a beautiful bouquet if they miss a celebration. First Crush Store makes it a point to mark your presence in the most impressive way possible. Our flowers look amazing and are delivered with utmost care to the doorstep without any hassles. 

Speaking of our remarkable, unmatched delivery speed, we make sure to keep it uniform throughout our pan India delivery network. You can order from anywhere across India, and we will deliver the surprise right at the doorstep. We have curated a massive delivery network that delivers in almost all major cities of India. Care and quality are our major offerings. Our delivery agents know that you care for the safety and security of your precious token of love. From warehouses to delivery, we ensure to keep the process safe, sanitized, and secure. Your orders are handled with as much love and care as you would have made it yourself. Any issues with the order, we also care for your problems. Our amazing customer service is ready at your service. You can even track your order and know the latest updates on shipping and delivery time. For convenience-par-excellence, we allow all our users to choose the comfortable delivery time and date for every order. Our dedicated efforts are to make the gifting experience a joyous and comfortable chore for you. We ensure QUTE services, which include Quality, Unique flavor, Timely delivery & Exotic design. Trust us with your special moments and celebrations, and we promise that the truest emotions will find the most beautiful expression through our superb products.  

As we said earlier, nobody forgets their firsts. We aim to provide you the same nostalgia, love, butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling with every surprise you order from us. Happy gifting…..make every surprise a canvas to bear your heart. 

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